Bring grades UP with Math CAN be Easy math tutoring

Math Fundamentals, Algebra I & II, Geometry, SAT, and PCC tutoring in Tucson                

 8+ years of experience tutoring math to middle school, high school, and college students.   12+ years of classroom experience teaching programming and computer related subjects

Do you want to bring your child’s grades up?   Tutoring is a way to acheive that.

Charry has many years of experience with both one-on-one tutoring, and classroom teaching.   She loves watching students go from “I can’t” to “I can”.   Students and their parents love watching the grades come up!

Math CAN be easy.  It is a matter of having clear explanations that are broken down into small enough chunks that are delivered at the right pace.

A math tutor who combines good explanations with the chance to practice each piece until it is mastered can take the anxiety out of math.  Patience, clarity, and practice can work miracles!!

Weekly meetings with a tutor create additional (and often sorely needed) focus on the subject.   This extra attention is often one of the key ingredients to academic success.

Charry can help your child succeed in math.  Working together, grades will come up.   Some students go from D’s to A’s!    Tutoring  is available  at her location in north Tucson near Ina and 1st, or at your home with an additional travel fee.

“I eagerly recommend Charry Stover as an exceptional math tutor for all skill levels.   We have used several tutors for our kids over the years.  Charry impressed us by how much she truly cares about, and invests in, the success of her students.  And she works to elicit a similar investment in the learning process, in the form of diligence and hard work, from her students.  She is very smart and detail oriented as well as very warm and welcoming.   Whether challenged or driven & competitive, kids will learn a great deal from her.  Tutoring with Charry is well worth the investment!”    Kimberlee Turk

  • Rates : $40 for 1 hour and 15 minutes  ($32/hr)
  • Location : near Campbell and River in central Tucson
  • Tutoring Subjects :  Math fundamentals (middle school math), Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, (high school math) AIMS prep, SAT prep, and selected courses at Pima Community College.  Also math lessons for homeschoolers.
  • A typical tutoring session will be 1 hour and 15 minutes in length once a week, though sessions can be once or twice a week, and 1-2 hours in length.
  • Classes : SAT prep, Math Fundamentals, and computer programming (see related web pages).

While the heart of her tutoring practice has traditionally been high school math, Charry also loves working with students who are taking math classes at Pima Community College.   The AIMS prep tutorials are fun because they involve an overall math review from basic concepts to more advanced ones.  And SAT prep is especially rewarding because Charry gets to use the logical and analytical skills she learned as  a programmer to help students learn how to tackle questions that often require careful reading and logical thinking in addition to a knowledge of the subject.   Charry is also delighted to work with children that are being homeschooled.

At selected times of the year small group classes (5-6 students) are offered in SAT prep, Math Fundamentals, and beginning programming.

Contact Charry at or (520) 881-4771   –  please note, there is no text capability on this phone — this is a land line phone!

B.A. Purdue University, Phi Beta Kappa Honorary Society;  M.A. Computer Science, University of Michigan

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